magic mushroom grow kit

magic mushroom grow kit




The original  magic mushroom kit is back! The Mega-You-Grow® Magic Mushroom Spawn kit is the only Psilocybe cubensis mushroom spawn kit available. This spawn kit brings you the magic of growing beautiful magic mushrooms from home!

The easiest and most prolific kit available, the Mega-You-Grow® spawn kit allows you to fast forward directly to the fruiting process. No more fussing with spore syringe inoculations or trying to make your own mushroom spawn. By giving you the freshest high quality mushroom spawn with your mushroom growing kit, we do all the hard work for you. No more contamination, no more delays – your kit is ready to grow and can produce up to three flushes of big mushrooms as you watch.


How does the Magic Mushroom Spawn Kit work?

The Mega-You-Grow® Magic Mushroom Spawn kit provides you with all the necessary components to grow mushrooms from home using the mushroom casing method. This method uses substrate, spawn and casing soil to create a lush fruiting bed for mushrooms to grow in and can be used successfully by anyone – beginner or expert!

By providing you with fresh magic mushroom spawn, we exponentially increase your chances of successfully growing mushrooms. Our method is fool proof. You do not need to work with any mushroom spores, you do not need to try inoculating spores and incubating spawn – it is all done for you! By providing fresh mushroom spawn with our magic mushroom kits, we save you up to 2 weeks of waiting time before you can start growing. You do not need to wait for inoculations to grow through and you will never have to worry about contamination!

Simply follow the easy steps to assemble your Mega-You-Grow® mushroom kit, start growing right away and provide daily maintenance while the mushrooms work their magic. This kit is educational and easy to use with rewards that make mycology fun. Anyone can do it! Fool proof, fuss free and fast – for the best results.

We value discreet customer care. For your privacy, each order will appear on your statements as billed to psychlabs Mushrooms Inc. All our orders are sent in discreet packages. Plain boxes are used to ship our products, with no indication of the contents. In addition, our company address will appear as shipped from I.M. Inc.

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