Voidrealms (96.66% pure)

Voidrealms (96.66% pure)



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Voidrealms, Teachers Gaze and (name I can’t say)’s Den are all LSD that is produced by a famous vendor who has been around for a long period of time and has almost always been reliable. The LSD crystal he lays his Tabs with is his famous Aztec crystal claiming to be 99% pure. Our products at Psych lab are actually 95-98% pure as this is about the highest you can get with LSD synthesis, but we  have some of the best LSD out there and along with Drseuss Tabs, Bernie/trump Tabs (or any of the tabs that we make) and a few other famous vendors Tabs. Our stuff is quality and some of the best around this is why people are excited when they see voidrealms or another print made by us.

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105ug-30 hits, 150ug-30hits, 200ug-30 hits, 300ug-30 hits, 1 sheet 100 tabs 105ug, 1 sheet 100 tabs 300 ug

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